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Nomex Titan Trousers

Nomex Titan Trousers


Design 190321

High Comfort Nomex Titan Materiel
High Comfort and with pre-bent knees
with 20% Kevlar 76% Nomex 2% antistatic
with leg pockets and knife pocket
HUPF Reflex - or EN460 Reflex
Kevlar protection knees - and bottom legs
Can be supply with Long backside
Slit at backside Kevlar - and Kevlar 10 cm inside
Many Pockets and details inn and outside
Comfortable Braces with snap-regulation

EN 469-2015
EN 469-2015
XF2 - XR2 - Z2 - Y2
XF2 - XR2 - Z2 - Y2 

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